Can Tho University has applied the quality assurance standards of the ASEAN University Network - AUN) in evaluating the course programs of the University since 2009. In 2014, Biotechnology R & D Institute (BiRDI), Can Tho University (CTU) has  self-assessed and registered for external review standards of AUN for the advanced biotechnology program.

 Accordingly, the BiRDI will review and evaluate the quality of the Advanced Biotechnology program based on 15 criteria of AUN, related to the contents including Learning outcomes expected; Program details; The content and structure of the program; Strategic teaching and learning, student assessment; quality teaching staff; The quality of support staff; The quality of students; Support and counseling students; Equipment and infrastructure; Quality assurance process of teaching and learning; Activity staff development; Feedback from stakeholders; Learning Outcome; and Satisfaction of stakeholders. 

The registration of self-assessment and external evaluation of the course program has shown continuing efforts of all the teachers  and students in training, research and development in service industries in recent years; also the great efforts of the teacher – student to continue to improve and develop, advance to the recognition quality of AUN education for the training program of the BiRDI. 

Success in self-assessment and external assessment of quality training is an important condition for the integration, deeper cooperation within the network of universities in Southeast Asia and the world, contributing extremely effective in the development of education and socio-economic in the Mekong Delta, in Vietnam and in Asia.


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